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2011-03-15 06:03:11
from:S.KOREA     IP  
Hi,I and my friend will go to Chengdu in May.
We will stay 2 or 3days at Chengdu and then go to Jiuzhigou.
So I want to know about the charge of a room for 1night for 2men at your place and the pakage tour for Jiuzhigou by bus or airplane.
If we can book the room and tour, we will do.
Therefore would you please show me the charge?
reply-time:(2011-03-17 13:36:08)
sorry for the late reply.thks for ur enquiry,an email with details will send u soon(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-85155496)
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2011-03-13 07:10:19
Paul Markert 
from:Germany     IP  
Did you get my reservation ?
reply-time:(2011-03-17 13:37:56)
sorry for the late reply.thks for ur trust,we havent yet received ur reservation,n later an email ll send 2 u(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-85155496)
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2011-03-12 22:51:52
Nicole Su 
from:USA     IP  
I cannot select any dates in April to book this tour. Please help, quick!
reply-time:(2011-03-17 13:46:00)
sorry for the late reply.n the reason for not being able to select the price is that the price of April hasnt available yet.an email ll send 2 u abt the reference price
(Staff:Apple Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-03-09 19:14:56
Raymond Mok 
from:Australia     IP  
Dear Sir, My wife and I arrive on Chengdu airport at 10:40
by Air Asia D72626 I like two nights Is got the tranfer to the Hotel ? Please answer Raymond Mok
reply-time:(2011-03-10 10:02:03)
Hi mok, thanks for your enquiry.Welcome to Chengdu, Would you please tell me which day will you be arriving Chengdu
(Staff:Yao Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2011-03-09 17:54:31
from:Melbourne,Australia     IP  
Hi, I was asking about the Hiking tour and Annie replied to say an e-mail will be sent to me but it has been a week now and I have not received anything, please check. Thanks
reply-time:(2011-03-10 09:36:14)
iam really sorry for the delayed response , i will check it right now. (Staff:annie Tel:86-28-85155496)
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2011-03-01 18:15:37
from:Melbourne,Australia     IP  
I would like to know about your hiking tour.  What sort of fitness level is required? Are they flat ground walking or mountain climbing?
reply-time:(2011-03-02 09:27:16)
Dear Melbourne
Thanks for your enquiry, we offer all-kinds of mountain hiking level,with the professional staff support. from moderate to tough. i think we can plan the tour to meet your need, a e-mail will be send to you, pl check it ,thanks(Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2011-02-24 10:08:58
from:SaveData, english     IP  
Plateau response
reply-time:(2011-02-24 17:59:28)
Dear KK
Would you please write to tour2@dreams-travel.com if you have any further questions? We are glad to serve you at any time.
Best Regards
(Staff:Kong Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-02-23 06:29:51
from:USA     IP  
Hello! I would like a quote for these two trips

One adult, one child (10 years old) so total 2 people.
Dates will be sometime between March 20-March 25 (not sure of exact dates yet.

Can you please give me a quote for Chinese tour and for English tour. We may stay with Chinese.

Jiuzhaigou 3 Days Tour (Join-in,by air)

3-day Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong Tour by roundway flight

Thank you!
reply-time:(2011-02-23 09:25:34)
Thanks for your enquiry, a e-mail will be send to you soon, please check it later.(Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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