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2011-02-17 22:46:57
from:Singapore     IP  
It s been a while since your reply to say you will be sending me your quotation. Till date, I have yet to receive it. Would appreciate if someone specifically could attend to this. I noticed for other messages, you have specific staff like Kong, Zoe etc who responded to those messages.
reply-time:(2011-02-18 00:29:50)
Hi,we v send a e-mail to you,maybe some mistaks,we ll resend you again tommorrow,sorry for any unconvinient(Staff:dreams travel)
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2011-02-17 12:17:37
Jessica Vong 
from:Canada     IP  
Jiuzhaigou 3 Days Tour (Join-in,by air)

May I please get a price estimate for this tour?
There will be 3 adults and we are hoping to do this tour from March 7, 2011 to March 9, 2011.

We are all fine on a standard type tour with standard accommodations and so forth.

Thank you
reply-time:(2011-02-18 10:47:01)
Dear Jessica
Thanks for your enquiry. The join-in tour price on March 7 has been released, would you please browse the webpage http://english.dreams-travel.com/tour/jzg/jzgflight03.htm for the details. You can finish your booking directly on the page. Any questions, please write to tour2@dreams-travel.com.
Best Regards
(Staff:Kong Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-02-11 23:23:20
from:Singapore     IP  
i am planning a trip to chengdu with my wife from 27 apr to 4 may this year. we came across your site and am interested in your 3-day pte trip to jiuzhaigou and huanglong inclusive of roundtrip airfare from chengdu. we wish to have this 3-day pte trip from 28-30 apr, one day after our arrival in chengdu. if possible, would appreciate if you could provide a guide who can speak english. please email me the details and cost of this trip. looking forward to hear from you. thanks, ck
reply-time:(2011-02-12 08:42:16)
thanks for your trust on dreams-travel,we ll send a e-mail to you,please check you mail box later

thank you(Staff:dreams-travel)
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2011-02-09 03:46:09
Jeffrey Anderson 
from:United States     IP  
I am interested in an economical 4 t 6 day tour in Lhasa. This would be for 1 person, and my starting dates would be March 24, 2011. I also would need to get a Tibet Entry Permit. Could you please let me know possible prices for such a tour. I would prefer to book my own hotel, but I am open to you providing them as well. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Jeffrey Anderson (from New York, USA)
reply-time:(2011-02-09 09:03:19)
Dear Jeffrey
Thanks for your enquiry. I will send an email with detailed information to you. Please check it later.
Best Regards
(Staff:Kong Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-01-21 09:43:02
from:chengdu     IP  
Good morning.
a friend of mine is now in chongqing.
he has to travel to nepal, tomorrow. He will take the plane to lhasa and wanted then to take the train.he only hear now you need a travel permit. Is that true?
Can you tell me a way how to get it?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Regards, Yisha
reply-time:(2011-01-21 11:16:26)
Dear Yisha:
Thanks for your enquiry. Your friend can buy the flight ticket from Chengdu to Kathmandu directly, if he is not going to stay some days at Lhasa or some other places in Tibet, he does not need Tibet permit. And there is no train from Lhasa to Nepal. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
Best Regards(Staff:Kong Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-01-15 23:04:56
from:Singapore     IP  
I am interested to book train tickets from Chengu to Lhasa (one way). Following are my queries:
(1) I am from Singapore must a obtain a Tibet Visit Pass?
(2) How do I place the order with you?
(3) How many days in advance for the train tickets to be purchased prior to the trip?
(4) How are the tickets delivered to me? I am living in Singapore?
reply-time:(2011-01-16 09:17:30)
Dear Angie
Thanks for your enquiry. Sorry, we do not have train tickets only service. Tibet Tourism Bureau used to allow a foreigner to have free tour activities in Lhasa area if he or she holds a TTB permit, but not since March, 2008. The new regulation insists on a well-organized group for any foreigners, which means every group, even a one-participant one, must be escorted by a guide and a tourist vehicle touring along the prearranged time and route.
If you have any questions, please write to tour2@dreams-travel.com.
Best Regards
(Staff:Zoe Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-01-13 10:30:46
from:Australia     IP  
Can you please send an itinerary regarding the Xian Tibet-Lhasa Self Tour. I would like know how many days the tour is and how much for 3 girls on a low budget.
reply-time:(2011-01-13 13:16:37)
Dear Lorraine
Nice to get your message. I will send an itinerary with our quotation, please check it later.
Best Regards
(Staff:Kong Tel:0086-28-85155313)
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2011-01-04 22:43:53
Fransiskus Xaverius Dhias 
from:Indonesia     IP  
Hello, my name is FX Dhias form Indonesia. I tried to book 2 rooms for 27 & 28 March 2011 via your website but it was FAILED. So I tried to book via Hostelworld, but it FAILED again. I tried it over and over again through another computer but it STILL failed. So I booked another hostel via Hostelworld and succeeded very nicely and very fast. But suddenly I received a confirmation email from Hostelworld for your hostel which I ve failed to book earlier.

Now my credit card has been charged with amount of USD 14,12. Because of this inconvenience and disappointment, I want to cancel my booking in your hostel. Please kindly CANCEL it. I DO NOT want you to charge me for full first night accommodation. My confirmation number from Hostelworld is 38094-19854392.

Please kindly reply to my email, and I will send you the booking confirmation email if it needed.

reply-time:(2011-01-05 08:54:39)
Dear FX Dhias:

Sorry for internet problem,I belive it would be much better next time when you book again.
Don t worry about your booking on hostelworld website,we ll inform them to cancil your booking at once and we don t want to charge your credit card.
Have a nice trip in China!
By the way,you can just leave your message here for booking next time if you have any internet problem
Thabks(Staff:dreams travel hostel beijing)
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