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2012-06-08 01:36:30
Mujtaba Asif  
from:Pakistan     IP  
Hi! i am willing to book a Dorm room.. but i have a slightly small problem that we are just 2 people (我们是两个人) and we want to book a dorm room. so how much will it cost annually as we will arrive on 16 JULY and check-out on 1 August.. Please reply back... and i have previously stayed at your hotel also it was a great experience!! :)
reply-time:(2012-06-11 09:19:58)
Dear Mujtaba Asif, i am glad you had a great time in Wenjun mansion. our related staff will contact you with the details. thanks. (Staff:annie Tel:(86)-28-85155496)
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2012-05-18 17:09:12
from:Israel     IP  
We are 4 people who want to have the 1 day tour to leshan and Mt. Emei: http://english.dreams-travel.com/tour/em/em01B.htm
we would like to have it on 25.9.12
please confirm the reservation.

Thank you
reply-time:(2012-05-21 09:33:52)
Dear Tsion, Thanks for your enquiry on dreams travel. group details will be sent by email later , pls kindly check it later. thanks.(Staff:annie Tel:(86)-28-85155496)
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2012-04-17 23:52:57
from:thailand     IP  
I plan plan to visit Huanglong-Jiuzhaigou from within 19 to 22 Oct 2012 . I plan to will fly from Thailand to Chongqing. I have 11 pax
We travel by Thai AirAsia and the fright will be arrived at the airport on10:20 am.
ple let me know how much does it cost . for Car Rental with Driver 5 Days Tour of Chongqing - Huanglong - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu
Detail :
Day 01 (19/10/02): Airport Chongqing - MAOXIAN (Stay in hotel Maoxian)
Day 02 (20/10/02): MAOXIAN - Huanglong tour (Stay in hotel Jiuzhaigou)
Day 03 (21/10/02): Jiuzhaigou - Tibetan culture show (Stay in hotel Jiuzhaigou)
Day 04 (22/10/02): Jiuzhaigou – Chengdu hotel -
ple let me know how much does it cost .

We like to know cost included
*Private business van or bus according to the group size,
*Entrance fee to Jiuzhaigou,Huanglong and sightseeing bus ticket in Jiuzhaigou.
*Private thai speaking tour guide service for the whole tour.
*4 star hotel with Chinese breakfasts.
*Travel Insurance
*Huanglong cable car fee
*Tibetan culture show


reply-time:(2012-04-18 09:27:24)
Dear rung , thx for ur query.late of Oct is the most beautiful season in Jiuzhigou, as u requested i ll send u the detailed inform to u email.pls kindly check it later(Staff:Jackie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2012-04-09 22:59:42
from:uk/hk     IP  
check in 13th friday april - check out 23rd april
how much in total for a female dormitory?
reply-time:(2012-04-10 16:30:57)
Dear Jenny , thanks for your equiry, would you pls let me kown which hotel you refer . (Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2012-03-16 15:37:59
Peter Au 
from:Malaysia     IP  

I am interested to get a train ticket (soft sleeper) for two persons from Xian to Tibet and the permit to get into Lhasa. The date for the train is 1 May 2012. Would you be able to give me a quotation of price?
reply-time:(2012-03-16 16:49:02)
thanks for your enquiry, according to the regulation , you should join-in our group with permit from us . i  ll contact u via email with more detail info. pls kindly check it later. (Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2012-03-15 23:19:26
from:     IP  
I am also interested in your 3D2N Jiuzhaigou/Munigou by air (Group)package.Can you please quote price for 14 June to 16 June?

I have same question about the type of hotel for the different prices and whether departure is guaranteed if only the two of us.

reply-time:(2012-03-16 17:05:55)
Dear lilian, thanks for enquiry on dreams travel. the certain tour price in Jun will come out around mid of May, i can Pre-estimate the price to my own experience, our group is depart Chengdu every day. FYI. pls believe me It s no chance just two of you in our group. (Staff:max Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2012-03-15 22:22:12
from:     IP  
I am interested in your 4D3N Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Join-in Local Group bus tour from 14 to 17 June.

1. For the quoted price USD135 per person for the General Tour, can you give example of hotel we will be staying in? Can you also give example of the hotels for the luxury and top-luxury range?

2. If there are only two of us, will departure be guaranteed if not enough local group?

3. Will you pick us up and return us to our Chengdu hotel at first and last day of the tour?

4. Is the bus a private charter bus or is it a public transport bus?

5. How much if you book 4* hotel at Chengdu for 13 June and 17 June. Will you give transport to and from airport?

Thank you
reply-time:(2012-03-16 17:09:25)
Dear lilian, thanks for enquiry on dreams travel. the certain tour price in Jun will come out around mid of May, i can Pre-estimate the price to my own experience, our group is depart Chengdu every day. FYI. pls believe me It s no chance just two of you in our group. i  ll send you the details by email. pls kindly check it later(Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2012-03-12 20:02:47
from:shanghai     IP  
Royal s Chinese Antique Furniture Shop in Shanghai China

WEB: http://www.easterncurio.com

--- occupy 500m2 square meter warehouse, focusing Chinese antique furniture, Make to Order Reproduction furnitures, 1930 Shanghai Art Deco Furniture
--- is an antique restoration & wood finishing company based in Shanghai City. Specializing in Chinese Antique Traditional furniture Polishing, Color Matching, Piece Replacement, Re-gluing , Repairing.and Re-canning.,Wood carving, Mechanical repairing, Gold/Silver galvanizing, Anodizing, sofa upholstery
Mobile Phone :0086 13901685220 OR 13621990301
Opening Time: Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 18:00pm, appointment necessary
EMAIL: Shanghaifurniture@hotmail.com
ATTN: Mr. Royal Hsu
Address : NO.4849 Beiqing Road,QingPu Region Shanghai China
(BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please send SMS for the directions how to get here)
reply-time:(2012-03-16 17:07:47)
thanks for your recommandation, i will contact you if we need(Staff:annie Tel:0086-028(85155496))
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