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2011-10-12 15:46:27
about animals t 
from:SaveData, english     IP  
If you have any questions about China tour,please ask us here!tell me something about animals which is very rare in the tibet
reply-time:(2011-10-13 10:23:11)
white lipped deer, and macaques (a kind of monkey),Tibetan Mastiff,etc(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-10-08 22:14:05
from:Dalian     IP  
I would like a Qutation for your Tour Xian-Guilin-Suzhou-Shanghai, starting from DALIAN .
The Accomodation should be 4-5 Star rated Hotel
Trip could start earliest 20 Okt. 2 People

Best Regards

Larissa Brouk-Nickel

reply-time:(2011-10-09 09:10:34)
thx for your query.i ll send u an email with my quote.pls kindly check it later(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-10-05 10:24:48
from:singapore     IP  
Can you provide a van to pick up 14 adults from the Beijing Int l Airport to our hotel (to be confirmed) and from our hotel to the airport next year in May 2012?

We will also want to hire a van (your driver included) for the 14 adults to go to Badaling Great Wall - full day.

Kindly quote your cost for these. Thank you very much!
reply-time:(2011-10-07 09:21:20)
thx for ur query.
we do provide car-rental though it s too early to be precise abt the actual price.but i ll give u a quote for reference via email.(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-851505313)
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2011-10-04 17:05:07
from:Indonesia      IP  
Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to buy a train ticket from Xining to Lhasa (including permit to visit Tibet) is it possible for you to arrange for us. Planning to visit on 10 October 2011.

reply-time:(2011-10-07 09:24:39)
thx for ur query.
Tibet train tickets are very hard to obtain.we only provide the service 2 the customers who bked the tour package from us.pls understand.(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-09-11 22:09:55
from:Israel     IP  
I would like to book a bed in your 8 bed dorms for the 15th, I will probably stay a couple of nights.
Also I asked the simscozy hostel in Chengdu to send you a letter with my student card, it will be addressed for mr. Jonathan Novik and it will arrive in next couple of days.
Hope its fine by you
Thanks ahead
reply-time:(2011-09-12 10:19:33)
thx for ur query.i ll let our hostel stuff know.meanwhile pls bk directly at our site below.
Chengdu youth hostel:
Chengdu Wenjun Masion:
Beijing youth hostel:
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2011-08-29 22:45:13
susan clayton 
from:US     IP  
Hello- If I arrive in Bejing on the 1st of OCT, will you be picking me up at the airport for the Tibet trip leaving the 1st? When do I return to Bejing? Are we flying or taking the train? I would prefer flying. Does the price include the air travel, hotels and food? What is this about having a Dr. approval? In coming I am healthy to go. I would llike to be sure who and how I should trvael from the Beijing airport and when to arrive...who will pick me up..and take me where? Thank you. Sue Clayton
reply-time:(2011-08-30 09:10:31)
dear Sue,
lots of questions huh,keke...yet u havent told me what tour package u plan to take yet.
if it s a join-in tour,u r on ur own before u arrive in Lhasa;
if it s a private tour,we can arrange our stuffs to keep u company n help out all along the tour.
so u see,it s quite different concepts depend on ur requirement.
i ll email u with more info,pls kindly check it later.
(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-08-19 10:16:30
goh eng fat 
from:malaysia     IP  
to-date, we are still waiting for the reply regarding the booking of two commenly twin room from 28/august to 3/sep.
thank you
reply-time:(2011-08-19 14:42:48)
sorry for the delayed reply.i ll have our hostel stuff contact u asap.(Staff:Apple)
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2011-08-17 17:39:16
jon daltrey 
from:uk     IP  
reserve a room for 26/27/28th august
single room 218(rmb)
reply-time:(2011-08-17 21:33:26)
OK.no problem,we ll keep one room for you untill 4 PM on 26th Aug.

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