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2011-08-11 16:00:52
Barbara Pfeiffer 
from:Germanya     IP  
Is it possible to go overland to Lhasa from Chengdu End of August this year?
If not: how much is a 5-day-trip in Lhasa if we are 3 people including flights from Chengdu and from Lhasa to Zhongdian - planned dates: from Chengdu: August 24th - to Zhongdian August 30th. Thanks
reply-time:(2011-08-12 11:11:11)
thks for the query.a trip to Lhasa in Aug sure can be arranged,n we also can help to bk the flights, apply the tibet travel permit,..
chengdu-Lhasa flight:CNY 1700
Lhasa-Lanzhou flight:i m afraid there s no such flight for this line huh.
i ll email u with more details.pls kindly check it later(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-08-07 19:14:59
from:Singapore     IP  
Hi Apple,
I would like to enquire the cost for renting a car with driver for the following itineraries:

1) 5 days Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou (mid sept period)
Day 1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Wenchuan - Songpan (no.hrs of travel?)
Day 2: Songpan - Huanglong (incl.tour time) - Jiuzhaigou
Day 3&4: stay in Jiuzhaigou
Day 5: Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu

2) 2 days Chengdu - Leshan - Mt Emei (23 to 24 Sept)
Day 1: Chengdu - Leshan (incl. tour time) - Mt Emei
Day 2: Mt Emei - Chengdu

Hope to hear from you soon.

reply-time:(2011-08-08 09:08:41)
u have 2 let me know how many people in ur group for me 2 suggest/quote u the right wehicle huh.anyway,i ll email u later.(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-08-03 18:39:38
from:Lucky Star     IP  
Hi Apple, I m coming to Chengdu on 1 Oct (arrival time is 1pm) and leaving from Guiling on 16 Oct (departure time is 11am). I would like to visit the following places: Hailuogou Kang Ding, Xin Du Qiao,Daba Mt. Siguniang,Hong Yuan, Jiuzaigou, Huanlong, Mt.Emei Leshan Giant Buddha and Panda Santuary. Of course, before I fly back to Malaysia, I would like to spend 4 - 5 days for visiting Guiling & Yang Shuo. Can u propose an itinery for me and the price also. For your info, I will be travelling alone.
reply-time:(2011-08-04 09:04:59)
that sure can be arranged huh,though i m not v sure abt KangDing area by then.i ll contact u by email with the details.
ciao(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-07-25 15:56:21
from:Bangladesh     IP  
Greeting From Sun and Sea Holidays...........

Please sent me your packages
5 Days-4 Nights
others package

Tour Planner
Sun and Sea Holidays
Dhaka. Bangladesh
reply-time:(2011-07-25 17:53:38)
dear Towhid,
u gotta let me know the destination first huh.(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-07-22 01:48:23
from:Spain     IP  
Hi Zoe,
We will arrive at Chengdu on the 7th of August arround 11am. We are thinking about visitint mt Emei and BiFengXia Wild Zoo and coming back to Chengdu on the 9th.
Could give us price for a this trip. We are two people.
Thanks a lot
reply-time:(2011-07-22 10:21:21)
ur schedule is a bit tight leh.

D1(07/08):pick up at airport.
head to Mt Emei.sightsee Emei.
transfer back to Chengdu.drop off at hotel in Chengdu
D3(09/08) :Ya an - Panda Center - Chengdu

i ll contact u via email for more details.

(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-07-13 17:35:10
from:India     IP  
We (2 adult males) are visiting Chengdu for three days on business from 31 Oct to 02 Nov.11. We can spare one day or two half days for sight seeing. We are interested in nature/wildlife. Can you suggest a tour program? Thanks,Sekhar
reply-time:(2011-07-14 08:57:03)
thks for choosing DreamsTravel.we gotta some 1-day,half-day tour which suits ur schedual prefetly.
*1-Day,Dujiangyan & Mt.Qingcheng Tour(Join-in)
*Half-Day,Chengdu Panda Base Tour(Join-in)
*n for u other half-day,we can arrange u a city tour for Kuan & Zhai Lane + Wuhou Temple.
i ll contact u by email with more details.
(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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2011-07-04 01:31:51
Ilaria Minghetti 
from:Italia     IP  
Hi we are five people, 3 females and 2 males, we would like to sleep in the same room, is there any chance?
Maybe we can book the whole "6 bed male dorm" even if we are mixed.
thank you
reply-time:(2011-07-04 14:59:54)
dear Ilaria,
of course u can.just make sure 2 write ur specified requirement while bk online.
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2011-06-29 19:59:43
from:SaveData, english     IP  
do u hv any 4d3n trip to China on 30-8-2011 ?
reply-time:(2011-06-30 09:31:02)
dear chua,
China is a very large country,if u only gotta 4-day,i recommend u to choose 1 or 2 province specificly,or u would end up spend a lot of time on transport instead of actual sightseeing.let me know which attraction u r interested in particular,then i ll recommend u the related tour package of ours.my email: tour2@dreams-travel.com look forward 2 hear from u.(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-8515 5313)
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