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2011-04-11 13:32:15
from:Singapore     IP  
Hi, I am planning to visit Juizhaigou around mid Oct. I hope to see the changing autumn leaves. Please advise on itinerary and rooms prices. I plan to be in Juizhaigou for 3 days. All in will be a 5 or 6 days trip. I should have around 5 pax. We will be flying to Chengdu so we would prefer to go direct to Juizhaigou on the same day.
reply-time:(2011-04-11 18:39:51)
thanks for your trust on dreams-travel,we ll send a e-mail to you,please check you mail box later
(Staff:annie Tel:0086-028(85155496))
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2011-04-03 18:11:55
from:Singapore     IP  
Interested to visit jiu zhainguo and sichuan cities + beijing for about 8-10 days tour in September. Ours is a group of 10 adults and 2 children, all non-chinese speaking. Please provide me with your proposed itinerary and quotation of price.
Thanks so much!
reply-time:(2011-04-06 09:24:45)
dear Zhen,v glad 2 hear from u.an email ll be sent 2 u soon.pls check it later(Staff:Apple)
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2011-04-03 14:48:33
from:Shanghai     IP  
I am interested in a tour such as the following:
for two people.

19Jun Board the train to Lhasa.
21Jun Arrive at Lhasa at night, transfer to hotel
22Jun Tour in Lhasa, Visit the Potala Palace, JokhangTemple, Barkhor Street, Overnight in Lhasa.
23Jun Lhasa - Yamdrok lake - Gyantse(Kumbum, Palcho Monastery)-Shigatse, Overnight in Shigatse
24Jun Shigatse - Shekar - Rombuk Monastery sleep at Rombuk

25Jun Rombuk Monastery-Base Camp to Mt.Everest-Rombuk-Shigatse, Overnight in Shigatse

26Jun Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse,

Shigatse - Lhasa by car, along the Yarlung Tsangpo River , Overnight in Lhasa .

27Jun To Nagchu and Yangpachen (Yangbajing) hot springs, return to Lhasa

28 Jun Board train for return to Shanghai

reply-time:(2011-04-03 16:45:43)
thanks for your trust on dreams-travel,we ll send a e-mail to you,please check you mail box later
(Staff:annie Tel:0086-28-85155496)
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2011-03-30 09:47:17
jaana m haartveit 
from:finland     IP  
My daughter (17 years) and I plan to travel by train from Beijing to Llhasa on the 16th or the 27th of April.
We need help to book the train tickets for us 2, first night at youth hostel, return flight to Shanghai and visa +travel permit.
She has a toursit visa, I have residence permit.
Can you helpt us. Need a quick reply

reply-time:(2011-03-30 15:09:57)
Hey Jaana,
Tibet Tourism Bureau used 2 allow foreigner 2 have free activities in Lhasa if one holds a TTB permit, but not since Mar,2008. the new regulation insists on a well organized group for any foreigners, which means every group, even a one-participant one, must be escorted by a guide n a tourist vehicle touring along the prearranged time n route.

So pls let me know when u plan 2 start this trip, for how many days, n which scenic spots u r particularly interested, so we can help 2 plan an itinerary n give u a quotation.

N this’ my email add: tour2@dreams-travel.com
looking forward 2 hear more from u
(Staff:Apple Tel:86-28-85155313)
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2011-03-29 10:54:32
from:Thailand     IP  
Thanks for reply. I already emailed back to you guys for making reservation for 3-day tour to Jiuzhaiguo and hotel. Thanks
reply-time:(2011-03-29 12:55:33)
Thanks for your trust, and we will keep in touch(Staff:annie Tel:0086-028(85155496))
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2011-03-28 15:10:10
from:Thailand     IP  
I already emailed to Annie for booking 3-day tour (by bus) to Jiuzhaiquo and asking more about transfer from airport to hotel and the direction to get the your agency but still waiting for reply for over a week. Please check. Thanks
reply-time:(2011-03-28 17:20:10)
dear sompratthana,

that s v strange,i just checked with Annie,she sent u an email at 11:19, 17th Mar with detailed informations.anyhow,she ll send it again.(Staff:Apple)
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2011-03-26 10:15:10
FX Dhias 
from:Indonesia     IP  
Hello, My name is FX Dhias from Indonesia.

I have already cancel my reservation in Dreams travel hostel through this forum at 4th January with IP No., but the hostel world keep inform me about pre trip reminder about the Dreams Traevl Hostel booking.

My confirmation number is 38094-19854392. Please cancel it. I m afraid my credit card will be charge.

Please kindly reply my mail.
reply-time:(2011-03-26 18:05:11)
dear FX Dhias:
pls dont let this bother u.there wont be any charge since we do not have any information of ur credit card...(Staff:Apple)
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2011-03-21 19:06:03
Lena chandra 
from:jakarta     IP  
We will arrive in Chengdu on 3 May 2011. Do you have 3 days tours to Jiuzhaiquo on 4 may? We are 4 persons.Can you send me the itenerary?
reply-time:(2011-03-22 08:59:55)
yes,we do have 3-days tour of Jiuzhaigou.we ll send ur an email with detailed itinerary,pls check it later.(Staff:Apple)
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