Leshan Grand Buddha tour

A world Heritage site since 1996, the Grand Buddha can be found in Leshan, Sichuan Province about 2 hours from Chengdu. Taking 90 years to build between 713 and 803AD, the Grand Buddha (in the form of Maitreya, or Future Buddha) was constructed by a Buddhist Monk, Haitong, along the banks of three rivers - Dadu, Minjiang, and Qingyi to protect boatmen from the dangerous currents.

At 71 meters tall the Grand Buddha is the largest stone sculpture in the world. Sitting on top of 28 meter wide shoulders, the head is 14.7 meters long and 10 meters wide, and is covered with 1,021 buns of curly hair. His ears, nose, eyes, and eyebrows are 7, 5.6, 3.3, and 5.6 meters long respectively. The foot of the Buddha is big enough to stand 100 people, with the big toe 8.5 meters long. You can get a perspective of the Grand Buddha by walking along a 500meter path that will take you from the top of the Buddha past the head, hand and down to the feet.

One of the best ways to see the Grand Buddha is to take a boat trip from Leshan Jetty to Wuyou Shan. Making the journey on either the small or large boats that frequently run between the two places, you will be able to get a front on view of not only the Grand Buddha, but also of its two Guardians which are not visible from the shore. From the Jetty at Wuyou Shan, you can follow a path up to WuyouTemple. After visiting the temple, you can keep following the path down to the shore, and then up to the Grand Buddha's head.

Leshan is only 20KM from Mt.Emei,the tourists prefer to choose the package of tow places together

The bellow are some most popular tours that you may  following,at the sme time,we can tailor a trip for you if  if the  itineraries don;t meet your needs.

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Grand Buddha

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