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Known throughout China as "Beauty Under Heaven", Emei Shan is located 150 km's South West of Chengdu, and is one of China's 4 Sacred Buddhist Mountains. Occupying 300 sq km's, Emei Shan consists of 3 mountains - Da'e, Er'e, and San'e, with many peaks covered by lush thick forests, green bamboo, and wild monkeys. Emei Shan once had over 100 Monasteries and Temples from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220AD), but now only around 20 active Temples are spread out over the 4 scenic areas - WannianTemple, Qingyin Pavillion, BaoguoTemple, and the Golden Summit.It is believed that the first monk went to Emei Mountain as early as AD100. In the past, Buddhist devotees used to throw themselves off the mountain into a rocky platform resembling Buddha's outstretched palm, as a show of faith, after not living a life of abstinence or self-sacrifice.
Mt E'mei lies to the southwest of Chengdu and a 160km-long well-paved freeway connects the two.Only 2 hours' ride starting from Chengdu, one finds himself at the foot of the holy mountain.
Hotels, fleabags or ritzy ones, are sure to satisfy different demands both in quantity and rates. Tourists come on pilgrimage to the Seat of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra, to the hometown of great Chinese poets, to the tea place, to the beautiful scenery, or just to the niton hotspring there.
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