Jiuzhaigou valley and tours

Located in the northwest of Sichuan Province, China, 400km away from Chengdu, Jiuzhagou and Huanglong Scenic Areas are World Heritages. As one of the TOP Ten Destinations in China, they are yearnings for sightseeing.A trip to Sichuan without Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong is not a true one.
At present they are accessible by both air and land. It is some 10-hour's ride along with the picturesque scenery into which there are Tibetan and Qiang villages melt. The highway are well-paved, but there is an interruption of communication as a resault of a mudslide in raining July or Augest. Although the May 12 Earthquake drestroyed part of the highway, it was resumed not long after due to a better re-construction. In fact, many tourists enjoy the overland tour.
Besides going by bus or car, Flight is taken into the consideration. There are regular flights from Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi'an and Guangzhou. Among them Chengdu is the most often used intermediate to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong since there are more flights, which cost less time and money.
Huanglong Airport is 51km way from Huanglong Scenic Area and 88km to Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area. Tourists have to go there by bus or car.
Though we recommend
 late spring when alpine flowers are in blossom or mid Autunm when leaves turn red,the scenic areas attract tourists all year around and the attractions take on different beauties.
The entries to the main entrance is as follows:
Low-season( December next March)admission: RMB80, shuttle bus: RMB80
High-season(April-November):admission: RMB220, shuttle bus: RMB90
Low-season( December next March)admission: RMB80, ropeway: RMB100
High-season(April-November):admission: RMB200, ropeway: RMB100

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