Qinghai and Tibet Highlights 9 Days Tour.

Hello Zoe, thank you for asking, the trip was wonderful. Beautyful landscape, interesting people, and all combined with good weather! We were very satisfied with the guide and the driver, both very experienced and skilled. The accomodations were also good, as well as the restaurants we stopped for lunch. All in all, this trip was one of the best I ever made so far. Thank you very much for the organisation and your help! Mit freundlichen GrĘ╣ssen / Best Regards,

Marcus Klein

Xining-Lhasa-Shigatse-Mt.Everest-Shigatse-Lhasa 18/Sep-26/Sep/2010

Sino-Nepal Trans Himalaya 8 Days Tour.

Hi Zoe, We"re in Khatmandu now. The trip was fine, everything being as expected. We wanted to pay you a visit in Chengdu on 7th, but it looks like all seats are booked. We look now for other options for another visit in our way to Beijing (leaving Khatmamdu on 5-7, depending on the next destination). Thanks for everything you did!


Lhasa-Shigatse-Mt.Everest-Zhangmu-Kathmandu 25/Aug-1/Sep/2010

Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 9 days tour.

Hi Zoe, our trip was wonderful, the guide was very good... and beautiful!! The driver, crazy but in the end funny. The hotel was better then we thought, so we have no regret! Compliments, was very beautiful! We are leaving Chengdu tomorrow for visiting Beijing, so we are coming to your agency this afternoon, about at 2:00. Will you be there?

Best regards Andrea

15/Aug-23/Aug/2010  Mysterious EBC 9 Days Tour(join in)

Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 9 days tour and Chongqing Three Gorges Wuhan 4 days tour.

hey Zoe

thanks for your mail! everything was perfect! the tibet as well as the three gorges! we were 5 foreigners on the boat and we had a lot of fun! it was really a good choice to book the chinese boat.

i will still stay a couple of weeks in china. i leave at the end of september back to switzerland, so i still have time to practice my chinese and see some other beautyfuls regions in China (currently i am in Guilin).

thanks for your help and your excellent work ( i recommend already your travel agency to some other friends who wanted to go to tibet.

kind regards


5/Aug-13/Aug,2010 Lhasa Shigatse Mt.Everest 9 days tour

18/Aug-21/Aug,2010 Chongqing Three Gorges Wuhan 4 days tour

3 Days Lhasa City Tour.

Hi Zoe, Thanks for asking! My trip was amazing. The guide was really great. I didn"t really see all that much of the driver (I thought that he would be driving us around the whole time but I guess I misread that), so anyways he was fine. The hotel was not bad-my only major complaint was that there was no hot water at all. :S The time really was too short in that wonderful place. I hope to return one day! Thanks for all your help once again. Jill

18,July,2010-20,July,2010 3 days tour

Lhasa Shigatse Namtso Lake 6 Days Tour

Hi Zoe

sorry for this late reply.

We all enjoyed the trip you prepared for us. Tibet is a beautiful place and I hope I can go there again one day. Our guide was excellent, very helpful and easy-going (he knows a lot of interesting stories about Tibetan culture and customs). He was always keen on helping us and solving all the problems. On top of that, he was very punctual. The driver was nice, driving in a safe way. It would be nicer to have a Land-Rover (we couldn"t enter one of the roads) but I understand that our group of 6 was to big for such a car. The hotels" standard was very good, clean and quiet.

Your travel agency is worth recommending to my friends. Also if I need help with traveling in China again, I will contact you.

Best wishes


Lhasa to Everest Base Camp 8 Days Tour

everything great...thank you for everything...especially the guide is a great person and helped me when i was sick. bye bye

Marco Duso

Jiuzhaigou 4 days hiking tour.

Hi Zoe,

My trip to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong was really good...I really liked my guide and driver and the weather was nice the entire time.   Jenny was very knowledgeable and she took me to places in the valley that weren"t so crowded.

Thanks! Helen

Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong 3 days tour.

Hi Zoe, We are back in Australia.  We really enjoyed our trip to Jiuzhaigou.  The guide Dong Zhou is absolutely 1st class and if only we had him as our guide in Tibet. The driver was a very careful driver and got us safely around. The hotel is very comfortable but I was slightly disappointed with the breakfast as we are more used to the western breakfast. For Huang Loong, I planned for the 7.20pm flight from JiuHuang airport to Chengdu to give us enough time at Huang Loong, and although I made it to the top by walking and running fast, my wife ran out of time.  Hopefully there will be more hotels in and around huang Loong, so it would be better to stay there instead of the 3 hour car ride from Jiuzhaigou to Huang long, and that will give more time to climb Huang Loong without being rushed. Apart from that, we really enjoyed the tour. Who knows, we may be back in the future, maybe in autumn when the colours are more vibrant. Thank you. Best wishes, Meng

A Wonderful Experience in Jiuzhaigou .

Hi Lisa,Just a note that all of us enjoyed the trip to Jiuzhaigou tremendously and to say thank you for organising the various aspects of the tour.

The driver that picked us up at the airport in Chengdu and the rest of the time in Chengdu was very helpful taking us to new places that we didn"t think of. He was especially helpful in activating the Panda cards using his own mobile phone. Somehow, the Panda cards were not activated were not activated when we received them. So there was a bit of delay when we tried to use them for the Jinshan Site Museum. Anyway, things worked out well in the end. We were all very pleased with him and obviously show our gratitude through a generous tip.

The two guides (English speaking) that were assigned to us were also knowledgeable and helpful. Eric, the guide who took us around Jiuzhaigou, happened to be a fan of my ancestor, Confucius, and of course we grilled him on his knowledge of what he knows about Confucious. That was another plus that was unexpected. Scott who guided us to Leshan/Mt Emei was very knowledgeable about Chinese Literature esp about the Three Kingdoms. My friends who happen to be very interested in The Three Kingdoms "grilled" Scott to fill gaps of information they had on Three Kingdoms. So it was non stop talking in the van on the way to Leshan. This was also an unexpected plus.

All in, we had a wonderful experience in Jiuzhaigou and there was no hesitation is asking my brother-in-law to get you to organise the trip for them. Leshan and Mt Emei was nice, but after having been to Mt Huangshan last year, they pale in comparison with the beauty of Mt Huangshan. Nevertheless, Mt Emei has it"s own beauty.

So once again, thanks for organising the tour. If any of my friends want to travel to Jiuzhaigou or other places in Szechuan Province, I have no hesitation in directing them to Dreams-travel.

regards lkhong

Excellent Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Tour,

Hello Zoe, Yes I"m back and have been busy. Everything was great. The car (Camry) was excellent and in good condition. The driver Mr. Yu was very careful and safe. The guide Tian Tian was excellent; good knowledge, talented, friendly and gave us very good service. Would definitely look you up for my next trip to China. Thanks.



Thank you for the good organisation,

Dear Dawnplain We are back in Switzerland. I want to thank you for the good organisation. Everything was perfect and to our full satisfaction. Also our health was good, so that we could enjoy our entire trip and all the sightseeing. After all I have a question, which I should have asked before - but still you could indicate me, so that I see, if we made it right. How much much money (tip) you give to a guide per day and how much to a driver in Tibet and China ? An other question, do you work with a specific travelagent in Nepal together for tours to Tibet ? Just i case I would in one of the coming years come to Tibet again through Nepal. A very good friend of mine is married in Nepal that why I fly sometimes to Kathmandu. Once again, thank you very much also for the delicious dinner in Chengdu. With best regards Eliane

a wonderful time.

Hi Zoe We had a wonderful time, thanks! We were really impressed with your service - you answered all my queries really quickly and comprehensively (and I know I asked a lot!).  It was unfortunate that no-one was at Chengdu airport to pick us up when we arrived, but we were pleased with the free opera tickets and thought this was a fair solution (the opera was really impressive!).  The only negative comment I really have is about the transfer back to Chengdu airport - the man arrived 15 minutes late and then stopped twice on the way to the airport to pick up other passengers.  As we approached the toll booths near the airport, he turned off the expressway and went the wrong way down a sliproad (towards oncoming cars!) and took a longer route to the airport to avoid paying the toll.  We felt that driving the wrong way down a fast road was very dangerous, and as we were already very late we didn"t think it was acceptable to take a much longer route.  The queues at the airport were really long, and the flight was already boarding by the time we arrived at the gate (although we went straight there).  If we had been a few minutes later, we could have missed the flight altogether.  This was the only really disappointing part of the trip. We had a fantastic time in Tibet!  Luobo, the guide, was very friendly and Danba, the driver, was very safe.  We saw some other cars driving very quickly, but we were happy to go at a slower pace because we always felt very safe and had plenty of time to enjoy the stunning scenery.  He was always happy to stop if we wanted to take photos.  We thought that both the guide and driver were really nice and we were happy to spend the week with them.  They made a very good team, and we"d be happy to recommend them to anyone.  It was definitely a holiday we"ll never, ever forget - we have a lot of happy memories!  Thanks again for all your help in organising it. Kind regards Hilary

thanks for organising a great trip.

Dawnplain- thanks for organising a great trip. We really had a fantastic time in Tibet. Our guide Norbu was excellent, as was the driver who got us everywhere safely. A great time. Dave

Our success and memorable Sichuan Trip.

Dear Dawnplain,

I would like to thank Dreams Travel for making our Sichuan Trip a success and memorable. Everyone had an enjoyable time and all the arrangements went very smoothly. There were also extra bonuses like snowing in Zhuijaigou. We are thinking of a possible next trip, maybe next year. To aid our planning, I would like to enquire about Hai luogou. How can we get there? By flight through KanDing? To visit Glacier Park in Hai Luo Gou, does it involve alot of trekking? We would like to visit the hotsprings there. Any other place to visit in Sichuan that may interest us?

Kenneth Ng 20, Leonie Hill, #08-26, S239222 Tel: 65-67374448 Fax: 65-68350354

Memorable trip to Le Shan

Dear Lisa,

Wanted to thank you and your associates for the wonderful opportunity that was presented to me. I had a very memorable trip to Le Shan and I am really grateful to you for your help in making everything go so smoothly. Also wanted to give a special thank you to the tour guide who was really helpful and waited for me at the station:). I would definitely recommend your company to my friends and colleagues, and I would go again myself. Best Wishes,


The Fabulous Tour to Guilin

Dear Dawnplain Thank you for arranging the fabulous tour to Guilin and Yangshou.  Our guide Lee (Liqin) was a terrific guide, always happy to help and knowledgeable about the region.  She was willing and able to accommodate our requests.  She was able to help me with my request for vegetarian food and even wrote something down in Chinese that I could take to restaurants to assist me with ordering suitable foods.  I would recommend her as a guide.  I am not sure about how I rate the driver as there appeared to be no road rules and he made no attempt to communicate with us.   Please pass on my thanks to Lee and to her manager.  She deserves to be recommended as a guide to all english speaking travellers. Regards Catherine

Recommend Dreams Travel

Hi Wu, Just wanted to say thanks for organising a great trip to Tibet for us. We had a great time; the guide,driver and were all very good. My only concern is that the guide had no idea about securing nepal visas at the border. We were told by you and the guide that there would be no charge for these, so we didn"t have the necessary US dollors, but in fact they cost $25 each causing us quite a few problems and a delay there while we sorted out the money. Apart from this we had no problems and I wouldn"t hesitate to recommend Dreams to my friends. Best Wishes Chris Taylor

Hello, Dawnplain,

We are now safely on our yacht in Malaysia and looking back on a tour in China & Nepal that we all enjoyed very much, in spite of all the "impossible" problems we encountered - not only in obtaining visas and trying to comply with your requirements beforehand, but also after we arrived in China! Terry, with his excellent command of English, made our time in Chengdu most enjoyable, & we much appreciated the arrangement for us to visit the amazing Irrigation Project, in spite of the problems for the region in the aftermath of the terrible earthquake.  (And a most sobering experience it was for us to see some of that, with Terry telling us that the areas deeper in the countryside suffered more).  We were impressed with how the Chinese authorities had worked to assist the region to return to normality. The Pandas were, of course, just delightful, and getting there very early was the right thing to do.

On arrival at our train accommodation, we were somewhat taken-aback by the fact that all 4 of us were to share one cabin. We hardly knew each other for anything as personal as sleeping together, and had presumed we would have 1 cabin per couple.  But we were able to work out arrangements to make it as comfortable as possible - and then thoroughly enjoyed the whole journey, and luckily had no major problems with the altitude. Dikey Dolgar met us in Lhasa and proved a most delightful and diligent guide.  She looked after us extremely well and worked hard to provide for our needs and requests, sometimes to make small changes to our programme.  Her knowledge of the area was superb and her enthusiasm for it all was extremely infectious.  We were delighted that she was able to arrange for us to stay at the Base Camp for 2 nights, making that long and memorable trip very worthwhile and special. She is an asset to her country and we would highly recommend her.

One point about the Qomolangma visit - we were surprised that WE were responsible for purchasing oxygen to carry.  None of us used this and we could not return it to the shop!  We think it would make better sense for everyone if the tour company carried this as a matter of course and, any used during the trip could be replaced by the tourist. Thank you for arranging for us to be met at Kathmandu.  This made all the difference to our introduction, and we were able to settle very easily for another enjoyable experience.

After all, this became a most memorable holiday and we are urging friends and family to try it!

Whilst appreciating that our tour was arranged with less time than would have been ideal, however, we all agree that we needed more detail in our itinerary which would have prepared us for what to expect -  eg,an introduction to the places we visited in Chengdu, the organisation on the train -toilet provision, importance of altitude sickness, possibility and provision of oxygen and medication; the need to carry some food, that snacks could be purchased at train stops, that a restaurant car opened at a certain time, and that flasks of boiling water would be provided for coffee or tea which we should carry with us. We have read since that the line has over 20 Altitude Sickness Centres along its route (for workers etc) and that would have been reassuring to know in advance. We believe now that someone on the train staff had medical training in case of need, but had no idea at the time!

We guess, too, that there were notices explaining some of these things to passengers - but our Mandarin is almost non-existent!  A simple translation of these details provided by your company would have been much appreciated. We write these things to you NOT as complaints - on the contrary.  We write them so that you might choose to include this information for future non Chinese-speaking tourists.

Alfred and I would like to thank you very much for your efforts and send all our best wishes for the future.

Sincerely, Rosemarie and Alfred Alecio

Hi Dawnplain,

I just wanted to say thank you for organising such a wonderful trip. Everyone had such a fantastic time and all the guides were brilliant and made our time on the tour fun, easy and very informative. Thank you once again. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else who is travelling to China. Thanks again for all your help. Kelly Ryan

I"d like to thank you for the tour you put together for us,

Dear Dawnplain,

I want to commend you on the thoughtfulness of your Beijing tour operator. Last night on arrival, they had a beautiful gift for me for my birthday. Then today, they had a most wonderful chocolate mousse and sponge cake for me for my birthday.  It was very touching! Also, I"d like to thank you for the tour you put together for us.  The guides were always there for us and we had a wonderful time in each area.

Thanks, Alan Thodey & Lee Anne Mulvehill 5"Jun

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