Sichuan Mountains

In sichuan procince there are a lot of beautiful mountains where we can develop mountaineering activities. Since 1979 the Chinese central government began to open Chinese mountains to foreign groups coming to china for mountaineering expedition, the Sichuan Mountaineering Assocition (SMA) formed ,is the first procincial organization and the only one in Sichuan to receive foreign mountaineering groups,and the only organization for governing and promoting mountaineering and rock climbing in Sichuan province.

¡¡During the 20 years since then, well-known Mt.GongGa, Mt.Siguniang,Mt.Genie,Mt.Queer,Mt.Haizi and Mt.Xuebaoding attract many alpinists and mountaineering enthusiasts coming from various parts of world .According received more than 150 foreign climbing groups from more than 10 countries andregions,including:Janpan,Germany,Canada,Russia,and Hong
-kong, All these activities help the foreigners increase their known ledge about Sichuan and their friendship with Chinese people.

¡¡The SMA has organized a lot of important expeditions during the 20 years of it's existence. Most noteworthy were the Sino-USA upper Yangtze River xpedition ,Sino-Japan joint Expedition to the Mt.xuebaoding in 1986,The international expedition of Mt.Queer in 997,Sino-Japan Youth joint Expedition to the Mt.xuebaoding in 1999 ,All these expeditions were successful.

¡¡The SMA sincerely hopes to cooperate with more friends in the common cause of mountaineering,and is ready to provide foreign and domestic mountaineering groups with a greats variety of services.